Faculty of Science Student's Association

Welcome to FOSSA!

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association (FOSSA) is a student-run organization that helps provide a diverse and enlightening experience to the 4,000+ undergraduate students in the Laurier Science Community. We oversee over 25 student-run clubs and organizations, and our clubs host various events throughout the year, which provide opportunities for learning new skills, networking, and personal growth.


Looking to join a Club?

FOSSA oversees over 20+ Laurier clubs and associations within the Faculty of Science, check out our club list below!


Most frequent questions and answers

Any Laurier student studying in the Faculty of Science has automatic membership in FOSSA!

All FOSSA and Faculty of Science based club events can be found in our Google Calendar under the “EVENTS” tab!

Clubs typically hire during the beginning of the semester. Check our instagram stories for application reminders and to see what positions need to be filled!