All FOSSA-affiliated club expenses may be reimbursed up to the limit of the respective allocated budget and budgeted funds may be by completing the attached expense form. Please follow the steps below in order to be reimbursed without delay. If steps are not followed accordingly, additional time will be taken to resolve any arising concerns and in some cases, reimbursements will not be processed.

Quick Reimbursement How-To Guide

1. Photocopy each itemized receipt. Note that you will need to attach the original itemized receipt to receive reimbursement. It is your duty to keep photocopies of all receipts that are submitted, FOSSA does not take responsibility if original receipts are lost and you do not have copies.

2. Download and electronically complete the expense form below. You may see the attached guide for further clarification or send an email to with any comments, questions, and/or concerns.

3. Attach original receipts and invoices needed for reimbursement. You must also attach proof of email approval from FOSSA with along with the rest of your supporting documentation.

4. Drop off expense at the FOSSA mailbox in the Science Atrium.


Reimbursement turn around time is typically two weeks however if forms are not filled out accordingly or supporting documents are missing, the process will take longer and reimbursements may not be processed. Remember that only typed reimbursement forms are accepted and hand-written forms will not be processed and form(s) will be returned.

Forms are due at 8:30 am every Monday morning and students can expect their reimbursement on the Friday of the following week. Those that fail to submit their documents by this weekly deadline will be required to wait until the following Monday for processing and an additional two weeks for their completed reimbursement or invoice transfer. No exceptions.

The form must be typed.  Handwritten submissions will be returned.

1. Download the Expense Form and fill it out electronically.

2. Enter the following information:

Payable To: Enter the name of the student receiving the petty cash/cheque or the name of the company in which you would be paying an invoice.

Address: Enter an address only if you want your cheque mailed to you. If you leave it blank, your cheque can be picked up at the WLUSU Member Services Kiosk on the 2nd Floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (in front of Wilf's Restaurant and Bar).

Contact Phone/Email: This is how we will contact you regarding any issues.

Invoice/Reimbursement Req/Internal Transfer: If you are paying an invoice, check Invoice. If you have paid already and have a receipt, check Reimbursement Req. If you need to make a payment to somewhere within the university (ie. WLU catering, AV rental), an internal transfer can be made.

Use Budget/Club Money/Special Event Funding: Money in your account is designated money received from your budget or money that has been deposited as a club. If the expense was approved in the budget to use Students’ Union or faculty funding enter the amount under “Use Budget Money.” For an expense that was not approved enter the amount under “Use Club Money.” If you were approved for Special Event Funding check the special event funding box.

Account Number: Enter the 4 digit number found beside the designated account on your budget.

Invoice Number: If you are paying an invoice, write the number corresponding to the invoice. If you are submitting receipts, please record an identifying number on the receipt.

Date: Enter the date on the receipt/invoice.

Description: Enter a description of the expense, be specific, eg. clothing for executives.

Invoice Total: Enter the total for the invoice/receipt.

Total HST: Enter the total HST paid.

New Total: This will calculate automatically so there is no need to enter anything.

• Requested By: Enter your full name.

Date Requested: Enter the date you will be submitting the form.

3. Attach all necessary supporting documents.

Attach all receipts and invoices needed for reimbursement. Note that you will need to attach an itemized receipt to receive reimbursement.  When submitting for FOSSA funding, please attach your approval email.

4. Obtain the appropriate signatures.

Since you are a faculty affiliated club with FOSSA, you will need signatures from your faculty advisor (Dr. Bruce McKay), the FOSSA President and Chair (Christie MacLeod), and your student society/FOSSA-affiliated club president. Do not worry about the signature from Christie MacLeod and Dr. McKay since the FOSSA Vice-Presidents or VP of Finance will take care of this.

5. Drop of your expense requisition to the appropriate location.

On the Waterloo campus, you are to drop off your form and supporting documents to the FOSSA dropbox located in the Science atrium.

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