About Us

The Laurier Data Science Society (LDSS) aims to educate Laurier students of all programs about data science–especially with respect to the applications of data science and the future outlook of the field. We have monthly meetings where a different guest speaker talks about data science in their industry and how it has affected their lives. LDSS intends to foster fellowship between people with interests in data science –this includes club members, industry professionals, and academic leaders.¬†

At LDSS we aim to help members learn, create, and share in the realm of Data Science. We will be hosting bi-weekly events where our members will get the chance to develop data analytics skills, explore career paths in the field of data Science, network with professionals in data-driven industries, and be a member of a data-focused community at Laurier. We encourage students at any level and career backgrounds to join and participate in the new science of Data.