Please take time to review the following topics to ensure that your Science club is not violating any FOSSA rules.

FOSSA has 6 standardized club roles and a +1 (which may be chosen by the club's Executive Team). Each FOSSA-affiliated club may have no more than seven (7) members on their Executive Team.

The primary reasons for club role standardization are the following: (1) to ensure that executive roles are not diluted where each role becomes meaningless on resumes and professional applications to graduate school and employment opportunities; (2) each club has a budget of $2000 so little to no management is needed as compared to FOSSA with a budget of $100,000+ and a six-member executive team; (3) clubs can still post openings for volunteers to assist with event execution via their own marketing plans or via FOSSA’s network.

The Club Executive Team Roles:
-Vice President
-VP of Finance and Administration
-VP of Marketing and Communications
-VP of Events
-First-Year Liason
-One additional member position of your choosing

For the full document outlining each role and what responsibilities entail, please click HERE.