Our Vision

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association is run by a body of dedicated science students that hope to provide a diverse and enlightening experience to the Laurier Science Community, which is comprised of over 4,000 students. By providing our services, we hope to inspire other students to do the same in the future

A hallmark feature of FOSSA since its establishment is to provide the same opportunity to its science students, both in quantity and in quality. Through several events that are featured throughout the year, students get a chance to network, relax and socialize with others, all the while building experience and sharpening their skills. 

With this goal in mind, our vision is to give science students a chance to succeed in a highly competitive field. Through our events, workshops, and meetings that are featured throughout the year, students get a chance to learn, network, and make lasting connections with peers and professors within the Faculty of Science.

FOSSA provides various opportunities, resources and services that aim to enhance students’ undergraduate experience. We oversee over 25 student-run clubs and organizations that offer many opportunities for students to get involved and learn more about interesting topics and post-graduate career paths.