About us

About Us

WE are Laurier science students representing YOU.

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association is a group of science students that hope to provide a diverse and enlightening experience to the Laurier Science Community, which is comprised of over 4,000 students. By providing our services, we hope to inspire other students to do the same in the future.

Our Vision

The Faculty of Science Students’ Association (FOSSA) is a student-run association that hopes to provide a diverse and enlightening experience to all students in the Laurier Science Community.

A hallmark feature of FOSSA since its establishment is to provide the same opportunity to its science students, both in quantity and in quality. Through several events that are featured throughout the year, students get a chance to network, relax and socialize with others, all the while building experience and sharpening their skills. 

With this goal in mind, our vision is to give science students a chance to succeed in a highly competitive field. Through our events, workshops, and meetings that are featured throughout the year, students get a chance to learn, network, and make lasting connections with peers and professors within the Faculty of Science.

FOSSA provides various opportunities, resources and services that aim to enhance students’ undergraduate experience. We oversee over 25 student-run clubs and organizations that offer many opportunities for students to get involved and learn more about interesting topics and post-graduate career paths.

Contact us at: inquiries@fossa.ca 

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Jayson Habib is the Co-President and Chair of FOSSA. He is a fourth year Health Sciences student and joined FOSSA because he wanted to be apart of something that contributes to an amazing student experience at Laurier. FOSSA is a voice for all science students and Jayson joined to ensure our voice is heard across campus. During his free time he is either playing sports or cooking in the kitchen.



Laís Marques Eiras is a 4th year Health Sciences student and the Co-President and Chair of FOSSA for the 2020/2021 academic year. She initially joined FOSSA so that she could reach out to science students by marketing and advertising opportunities to get involved in the WLU community. She loves to offer help and support to students while working with her Co-President Jayson and her amazing Executive Team. Her goal is to provide the best undergraduate experience to all science students. When not in the FOSSA office or studying in the science atrium, Laís loves to nap and binge-watch Netflix shows during her free time.

abbey mcfarland
VP OF marketing

Abbey is the Vice President of Marketing, and she is a 4th year health sciences student. She joined FOSSA as she has a passion for both the sciences and helping people, and FOSSA allows her to combine the two in order to provide a great experience for science students. In her free time, Abbey like to bake and hangout with friends!


Kayla Saul is the Vice President of Operations and she is a 3rd year Health Sciences Student. She joined FOSSA when she was in first year because she wanted to play a role in fostering a unified and nurturing Faculty of Sciences community at Laurier through positive initiatives and fun events. She enjoys working collaboratively with like-minded peers in an effort to enhance the overall student experience, both inside and outside of the classroom! She takes pride in being apart of an association that provides Laurier students with multiple platforms to create, learn, and network, and that generates memorable experiences that will last beyond the years spent in the science building. In her free time, Kayla enjoys singing and acting, playing the piano, playing tennis, going for long walks, watching YouTube videos and Netflix series, and hanging out with her family and friends!

khushi sharma
DIRECTOR OF marketing

Khushi Sharma is the Director of Marketing on FOSSA and a second year health sciences student. She joined FOSSA in order to be apart of the greater science community at Laurier and to get the opportunity to reach out to all the science students to make their school year enjoyable. In her free time, she loves to hang out with friends (pre-quarantining era), binge watch reality TV, and get sushi.

jayden berdugo
director OF EVENTS

Jayden Berdugo is a Director of Events and a 2nd Year Health Sciences student. Jayden joined FOSSA with the goal of creating a warm and welcoming environment for all the Faculty of Sciences students. She is very outgoing, and wants to create lasting connections with students no matter the age or program. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and watching Netflix or youtube videos!

simran sidhu
Vp of events

Simran Sidhu is the VP of Events for FOSSA and is a 4th year Health Sciences student. She joined FOSSA as she has always been involved with Laurier’s tight-knit community across campus and truly enjoys the enriched, well-rounded experience FOSSA has provided her with. Being in her final year, she hopes to use her love for teamwork to work with an amazing group of students to plan memorable initiatives and events to better the overall science student experience! In her free time, Simran enjoys baking, reading, and getting coffee with family and friends!


Rebecca Salehi is a Director of Events and she is a Health Sciences student in her 2nd year. She joined FOSSA because she enjoys helping others. She is happy to be involved in this tightly knit association of like-minded students, as they all support and encourage each other to feel at home and reach their goals. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time with family and friends.

VP OF finance

Amir Ghaemian is the Director of Finance and a 3rd year biology student. He joined FOSSA to learn more about the science faculty while using his experience in finance based roles to help organize and arrange funding for exciting new events for students. When not studying in the solarium, Amir loves to watch history documentaries and play intramural sports.

Jordan meikle
Vp of clubs and associations

Jordan Meikle is the Vice President of Clubs and Associations and is a second year Health Sciences student. He joined FOSSA because he was looking for a chance to aid in the development of the Faculty of Science community while being around similar-minded students with the fervor and drive to improve the student experience at Laurier through academics and events. Through his role, he wants to ensure all FOSSA-affiliated clubs and associations undergo a successful academic and social enriching school year. As well as, provide assistance to those who need it. In his free time, Jordan enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing the trumpet, playing goalkeeper in soccer (bet you can’t score on me), and patiently waiting in the Williams’ line.

Paige O'Bright

Paige Obright is a fourth year Health Sciences student with minors in Biology and Chemistry. She is currently the Director of Finance for FOSSA. Formerly, she was the Executive Vice President of the Laurier Biotechnology Organization. Paige is also a Dance Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor for the Laurier Athletics Department and a Student Leader in the Anatomy Lab Outreach Program. She is currently working on her undergraduate thesis in the Mallet Lab where she is studying the impacts of exposure to THC on brain development. 

Beheashta atchekzai

Beheashta Atchekzai is the VP of Web Development and in the Computer Science Program. She joined FOSSA to help provide services to the entire faculty of science in a quick and efficient way, all the while meeting new people. She loves to help others and pursue her hobbies, which is why she selected this role. When not in the science atrium, Beheashta likes to travel, watch sports and go out. She is still finishing the website 🙂

Safiya Abuani
First YEar REp

Safiya Abuani is the First Year Representative on FOSSA and a 1st year Health Sciences student. She joined FOSSA so she could be a part of a team with like-minded individuals and form strong connections within the Laurier community. She wants to contribute to a positive, exciting, and enriching student experience, as well as promote involvement and engagement and foster a sense of community. She enjoys helping others, working in a team environment, being actively involved in the community, and being exposed to new opportunities for learning. When she is not studying, Safiya enjoys figure skating, reading, and spending time with family and friends.